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Welcome to My Site. I'm a big fans of Big Bang. But I like GD's the most. If you dont like him, make sure be careful or I kick you down. Muahaha. Just Joke.
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Happy Bufday Girls :)

Entry updated on Saturday, 23 July 2011
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Hihi , now na story pasal BUFDAY aku laa sayang . Kihkih , Hm sebenarnyer mase hari kamis dahh smbot ngan mmbe :) btw tuh smbot ngan GENG GENIE aku ! Pastuh aku pujok mama sohh buad ary Sabtu pulakk , sebab mse ary kamis tuh geng2 genie jehh , budak2 laen blom smbot pon , so buad laa :) Thanks mama . Lobeyouu/

Okayy , skang niy na tunjuk gmba gmba yg sempat d snap , okay ! skang tgk bawah cepad :D .